Gears of War 4: Lift Apex (DLC)

I was responsible for creating a remake on a map i had created for the boxed version of Gears of War 'Lift'.
Remaking something i had already worked on with a different art direction was a great experience and showed me how much i have learned in a space of a year.
My main responsibilities was map organisation, world building and set dressing mainly focusing on the interior areas. Other artists that worked on this map were:
Matthijs Verkuijlen (Environment artist/TechArt)
Craig Payne (Environment Artist)
Michail Isaakidis (Environment Artist)
Emma Howard (Lighting artist)
Daniele Dinacci (VFX)
Emma Roseburgh (TechArt)
Nikolai Georgiev (Concept Art)
Manuel Pong (Concept Art)
Rob Lund (Concept Art)