Gears of War 4: Lift Apex (DLC)

I was responsible for creating a remake on a map i had created for the boxed version of Gears of War 'Lift'.
Remaking something i had already worked on with a different art direction was a great experience and showed me how much i have learned in a space of a year.
My main responsibilities was map organisation, world building and set dressing mainly focusing on the interior areas. Other artists that worked on this map were:
Matthijs Verkuijlen (Environment artist/TechArt)
Craig Payne (Environment Artist)
Michail Isaakidis (Environment Artist)
Emma Howard (Lighting artist)
Daniele Dinacci (VFX)
Emma Roseburgh (TechArt)
Nikolai Georgiev (Concept Art)
Manuel Pong (Concept Art)
Rob Lund (Concept Art)

Ben cottage lift redux 08
Ben cottage lift redux 07
Ben cottage lift redux 09
Ben cottage lift redux 05